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Selling a house in Venice

Do you want to sell a house in Venice?

According to statistics, starting in 2016, the real estate market has seen a gradual increase in buying and selling, leaving a glimpse of positive signs of recovery.

Given the considerable increase in demand, this is certainly a historic moment suitable to sell your property. This consideration is even more true if we consider the wide and varied nature of requests in Venice.

Potential buyers to sell your house to may be tourists, workers, investors, or anyone interested in moving or living in Venice.

The first choice to make when deciding to sell a house is whether to follow a private negotiation or to rely on a real estate agency. In the first case, it would be necessary to have a lot of time available to dedicate to the management of the house and to the visits and to follow all the bureaucratic procedures.

The agency, instead, can take care of all the annoying "paperwork" in your place and above all can dedicate itself to the advertisement of the property, to the selection of the most suitable buyer and to follow step by step every delicate phase of the purchase proposal, of the preliminary of sale and deed.

Studio Immobiliare Rio Alto is available to make free valuations and estimates of any property.

Why choose this agency among all the real estate agencies of Venice?

Because for many years Studio Immobiliare Rio Alto follows its customers in all the delicate phases of real estate purchase with extreme professionalism and competence. It is registered with the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents (FIAIP) and boasts among its owners Raffaele Dedemo, elected National Vice President of FIAIP and National President of the foreign sector, as well as Vice President of the CEI, Confèdèration Europèenne de l'Immobilier.

You can go directly to the Agency or fill out the form below to propose your property. You will be contacted as soon as possible.