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Holiday rentals

According to the definition given by the Veneto Region portal, tourist rentals are real estate realities such as apartments or houses that can be leased to tourists without the provision of services during the stay.

Therefore, even the owner of a small accommodation that wants to make a small profit can open a tourist lease.

For those interested in renting a house or an apartment for tourist use, can easily find all the useful information about the procedures, the bureaucracy and the obligations of the owners by turning to an expert real estate agency.

Renting your property in a city like Venice could turn out to be a real business, especially considering that the wonderful lagoon city offers the opportunity for any type of tourism, from cultural to purely recreational.

Not an owner? Are you looking for a tourist location in Venice?

It is known that tourists from all over the world are attracted by the Serenissima and its colorful carnival, the splendid Piazza San Marco and the wonderful bridges from which to admire a unique show of its kind.

Those who use the tourist accommodation has, therefore, the opportunity to enjoy the elegance of Venice, which in each church or palace tells the art and culture that has marked the history of the city.

The tourist location offers the alternative to staying in the usual hotel, staying also for short periods of time in apartments or houses located in the historic center of the city, to live it even at reasonable prices.

Those who choose the tourist locations want to stay in a house in Venice, as if it were one of the place, to enjoy every aspect of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Below you will find the best offers for holiday rentals in Venice. For more information contact Studio Immobiliare Rio Alto, which will satisfy all your requests.