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Apartments with covered roof-terrace

This kind of apartment is a platform located in the highest part of a building, widespread for military costumes, with the aim of observing the enemy from a distance without being discovered, or for monasteries, especially women, to allow cloistered nuns to attend processions while remaining protected from public eye.

But the Apartment with covered roof-terrace in Venice is a very different thing!

The Apartments with covered roof-terrace are, in fact, a characteristic building of Venice.



The apartment'roofs are made up of wooden planks and pillars resting on the roofs of the houses, completely exposed to the sun and wind. Suffice it to say that, in the past, Venetian women, in order to dye their hair, used to do treatments based on special infusions and wear a large hat without a dome, called solana, which repaired the face, but ensured exposure to the sun of their hair, to obtain a bright blond or the typical Venetian red.

A long time ago, the roof terrace was preferred for drying laundry, looking far away or dyeing hair.

Today the apartments with covered roof-terrace in Venice are the ideal places for an aperitif at sunset with friends, for a chat under the stars with a loved one or simply to enjoy the view and the long and wonderful fireworks on the occasion of the Feast of the Redeemer.

The apartments with covered roof-terrace are easily recognizable: just raise your eyes on the roofs of the oldest buildings, between the streets of the city or along the canal.