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Pied à terre apartment

The pied-à-terre apartment is generally a small dwelling, located in a large city, different from and away from its main and habitual residence.

A pied-à-terre house, however, has a different purpose from the vacation rental or location, as it would involve more than anything a second property of those who, for short periods of time decide to move to another city for their leisure or business travel.

Pied-à-terre, as you can easily guess, is a French expression that, translated into Italian, literally means "foot on the ground", so, more simply, a support point, a second residence without too many claims, not particularly large or equipped.

In recent years, however, the actual use of a pied-à-terre house has somewhat departed from its definition, so an apartment of this type could be in the tastes of any other buyer.

Why buy a pied-à-terre in Venice?

Because a pied-à-terre apartment could prove to be the ideal choice for those who, perhaps for work or other commitments, need another house to occupy for relatively short periods of time.

But it is also an excellent solution for those who want to buy a small and comfortable house and move to Venice for their own pleasure and for their own needs.