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My name is Raffaele Dedemo I was born in 1969 in Venice, I grew up near the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, and today I am still here. In fact, I consider myself lucky to be able to live in Rialto a few steps from the homonymous bridge and from the main office of the Studio.

I love my city so much and this is one of the reasons that led me to found the Real Estate Studio Rio Alto putting this love as well as the values ​​of customer protection, values ​​that I consider essential for those who, like us, work with the needs, desires and sometimes with people's dreams.

In the lines below, before telling you about the Real Estate Studio Rio Alto and its staff, I would like to introduce myself, in first person. This is because you can know my values ​​and my skills and above all because the relationship with those who will read these lines is as direct as possible.

I started working as a surveyor (my degree), here in the city, collaborating in the execution of numerous restorations of houses, churches, palaces and museums. I continued my journey by coming to the guide, together with two partners, of a well-known real estate agency, still operating in Venice, and in addition to the role of Real Estate Agent, I am enrolled in the Chamber of Commerce's "Expert Experts" from Venice. In 2006 I gave my members the shares of the aforementioned agency and, for the reasons outlined above, I decided to open the Studio of which you are reading.

I have been active in the real estate field for over 25 years, and in these years I have been called to cover different roles within trade associations, including:

National Vice President of the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents (FIAIP) for two consecutive terms of four years each.

Vice President of the CEI, Confèdèration Europèenne de l'Immobilier for two other terms;

President of the Real Estate Agents section of CEPI, European Confederation of Real Estate Professions

I have participated in several television programs such as "Ballarò", "Cercasi casa disperatamente", "Mi Manda Rai Tre" have also appeared in several local and national news broadcasts as well as giving interviews in economic newspapers such as "Milano Finanza" "Italia Oggi" and "The sun 24 hours" ………….

I did all this, not out of vanity, or to try to increase my business through visibility, but only to try to make my profession as reliable as possible trying to convey to the whole category fundamental values ​​such as honesty, fairness and professionalism, values ​​that I have always respected in the numerous negotiations concluded in these years.

The first thing that one can ask is why it is called "Real Estate Study Rio Alto" and not "Real Estate Agency Rio Alto". It is not a habit, the reason is that over the years I realized that even following values, such as correctness, reliability and professionalism maybe you had to give a different stamp to the meaning of real estate agency. My goal is to offer my clients a service that is as complete as possible by offering the possibility to access other services by referring to a single contact person.

The customer who will buy with my studio will have the opportunity to be followed in choosing a bank loan, or an insurance policy, designed according to his needs, also will be followed not only until the notarial deed but also beyond, with a full support that will go from the opening of a current account, to the change of utilities, to the choice of furniture, and with the possibility of having, before the purchase, the estimates to restructure or modify the new house in the face of companies and technical studies of trust, at competitive prices, without stress and without surprises, using the "Real Estate Studio Rio Alto" as the sole interlocutor.
We are present in the lagoon city with three offices, the headquarters in the Sotoportego di Rialto, the branch of Via Garibaldi a Castello, and our customer reception office located in the Mercerie in San Marco.

Our firm is active not only in the real estate field but also in the medium and long-term leasing market, in the commercial trades and in the tourism sector with weekly rentals.

The staff consists of seven people, in addition to me, each with specific duties.
I could have brought you many testimonials from clients, including several public figures, but that's not what I want. I only hope to be able to express the concept I have in mind, a concept that wants to overcome the property brokerage factor to move directly to a structure that can guide the customer from the choice of the building to have, "turnkey", the house best suited to your expectations in full respect of the possibilities of each customer without distinction.

Remember, we do not want to sell you a house, we want satisfy your needs, we want to convey our lifestyle to those who choose to move to this unique city, we want you to own a piece of history and, focus for us most important, we always hope to help you give you a dream. you arrived up to this line probably already know me a bit ', so I hope you come to visit us in our offices where we will be at your disposal for any need.