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Sea ​​view apartment

A sea view apartment is the right solution for those who choose Venice not only as a city of art and culture, but also as a unique seaside resort in the world.

Venice, in fact, is not only known for its lagoon, canals and monuments of the historic center.
Tourists who have the pleasure of visiting the city can also enjoy the beautiful beaches surrounding the area, all awarded with prestigious blue flags to symbolize the cleanliness of the sea, the tightness of the beaches and the quality of services.

Venice Lido is the only beach belonging to the Venetians, who consider it their favourite destination, but it is also loved by tourists and especially by families. It is a beach about 12 km long, between the Adriatic Sea and the Lagoon, connected to the city by water buses and motorboats, which allow you to move on foot or by car.

The Venetian coast has had the honour of being chosen as a seaside destination by nobles, artists and celebrities from all over the world, giving today a charm that few cities can boast.

Choosing a sea view apartment in Venice will allow you to enjoy the city at 360 degrees, from the Lagoon to the Sea, from the historic center to the beaches, to please the spirit and relax the body.